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Our History from our lead designer.

I was born and reared in Kansas City Missouri however I have been a residence of Atlanta for 16 years. I was not like the average designer who grew up with some knowledge of sewing. I moved to Atlanta and attended school to develop my fashion career. I had a lot of talent bottled up inside of me that I didn’t know was there.

I began my journey to becoming a fashion designer and my motivation and enthusiasm helped me to develop and maximize the ideas from concept to consumer and still keep my creativity flow. Fashion came naturally for me and coupled with a purpose and direction my designs became my mission.

I spent most of my time after graduating in 2006 as the Art Director at a private school for 5 years. This gave me an opportunity to explore my creativity more and help other children discover themselves at an earlier age than I did. Many students had an interest in fashion so I incorporated that into the curriculum. No matter what I did everything came back to fashion.

Having an eye for fashion allowed me to be able to develop more for my business whose inception was February of 2010. I use fashion as a way to not only make women beautiful but to inspire them and make them feel great about themselves. Queens’ Creations cater to the needs of most, especially the modest woman.  Excellence and elegance in our fashions drives our message through designs that are elegant, attractive, unique, and modest. As we continue to grow and evolve we encourage others to be inspired by beauty and modesty in dress and character for women and girls of all ages.

Our designs create class, style, glamour, uniqueness, beauty and most of all freedom and confidence. Our creativity with color, design and texture is what shapes our clothing lines. I visualize my work as head designer as not only designing and wanting people to wear our garments but to look and feel beautiful and build strength in character development in every women and girl and bring about social change.




Being a fashion designer, wife and a mother of 7 is one of my many hats Nefertari Halima Hazziez wears.  She is known for showing ingenuity, exhibiting a stunningly creative flair and actively chasing excellence in all of my endeavors. I am passionate about my gifts and talents, which I am able to carry through our designs. Being an innovator who exudes intelligence and elegance through through our work in order to build confidence and good leadership skills part of what drives us.  Having a visually artistic team helps us to develop authentic modest fashion lines famously known as Queens Creation.


We create masterpieces and admirers with our productivity and fiery motivation for craft.  This among other things is what makes our company exceptional and excellent.